Ask the school children in South Africa (Edit: actually Zimbabwe I was corrected in the comments). They were saying that we were making too much pollution on the planet. In which case I agree with the Grays.

I seriously think they live on this fucking planet somewhere. Why else would we be pissing them off with nukes and pollution? Otherwise they wouldn’t care.

This planet is effectively worthless in the size of the galaxy. So they’re from here. Or at least they permanently reside here.

If they are ”aliens” they’ve been here for at least 40,000 years or however old the cave art depicting them was drawn. Something that’s been hanging out in the same environment for 40,000 years is not alien anymore. It’s firmly entrenched in the ecosystem.

I think they just want to live here. That’s their intention. They have been for the past X number of years, they want to continue to live here.

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