One day the UFO goalpost will stop moving – and you will be hit with the wonder and awe that in 1989 there was a guy who was tasked with attempting to reverse-engineer an alien spacecraft for the United States military. That he went public about it. That his name is Bob Lazar – and that he’s been telling you how it is for over 30 fucking years.

This post was inspired by #UFOtwitter folks who recently did some digging into Bob Lazar’s W2 stub that he received from the "DEPARTMENT" of Naval Intelligence. Same kinda digging that was done over three decades ago – when researchers ALSO came up with the same evidence. However, this orbit around the Sun was accomplished by a dude named Rich (richgel999 on Twitter) and his findings inspired me to finally release this never before seen clip from my years of filming with Lazar.

Makes you wonder what else Lazar told you that’s true… doesn’t it 🛸🏴‍☠️

*Music by the great @RedBlueBlackSilver (Instagram).

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