SpaceX Starship Static Fire, NASA Artemis 1 Launch Rundown, Starlink Launches and Legal Battle Win

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We have SpaceX Starship Static Fire action at Starbase once again along with some quite intriguing insights into the future of the Starship program. The Starlink network continues to make news as the launch cadence keeps accelerating. 2 Starlink launches just this week and a Legal Battle Win as well. The hopefully final countdown is on for Artemis 1, so a NASA Artemis 1 Launch Rundown today. With the initial scrub just days ago, we are biting our nails awaiting the action to commence potentially just hours from now. I’m diving into what we expect to see in the launch and first few days of this mission. All that and a lot more so there is a heap to cover today.

My mid week video – Nuclear/Ion/Future propulsion

Tony Bela – Artemis 1 Infographic

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