SpaceX Ripping It Back Up, Artemis 1 Reentry, ISS Upgrades, Square Kilometre Array (SKA) underway

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This has been a difficult week to squeeze down and it looks like that is only going to get more tricky over the next few weeks. It is busy right now. We’ve got very intriguing stuff to talk about at SpaceX’s Starbase. We now have SpaceX Ripping It Back Up. Yes, the 11 Raptor Engine Static Fire caused enough damage for SpaceX to rip that concrete base back out again with diggers this week. An expendable pad vs the reusable Starship now it seems. Artemis 1 is still going strong as it plummets back toward the atmosphere for reentry. Another incredible week of updates there. Action on the International Space Station as astronauts roll out for the iROSA rollout. We have OneWeb and SpaceX becoming more than frenemies! The mind-blowing Square Kilometre Array to be scanning the skies for an alien spaceport near you, and this is getting real exciting too. Let’s jump into it.


ISS EVA Animation/Explanation

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