Creating a Webb Telescope VR experience - featured artist & ESA scientist explain

GAZELL.iO in conversation with Ashley Zelinskie and Instrument & Calibration Scientist at the European Space Agency, Sarah Kendrew, for an exclusive online discussion about the future of digital art and space exploration.

Zelinskie and Kendrew discuss Zelinskie’s recent exhibition at ONX Studio, a performance and exhibition space in Midtown Manhattan that is a partnership of the Onassis Foundation and New Inc, the New Museum’s art and tech incubator. The exhibition, Unfolding the Universe: First Light, featured a range of new-media works including 3-D-printed sculptures, a VR installation, and a screen print augmented with interactive lights. Kendrew and Zelinskie will explore the exciting ways digital art and new media can invite new audiences to probe the mysterious structures and origins of our universe and our place within it."

Learn more about Unfolding the Universe:

Originally recorded on December 6, 2022.

Credit: digital artist residency at Gazelli Art House

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