James Webb Space Telescope image features 'dragon-like' structure 'spitting out balls of hot gas'

The James Webb Space Telescope captured NGC 346, a star-forming region about 210,000 light years away. One of the features of the region resembles a dragon. Learn more about it in this NASA tour. Full Story: https://www.space.com/james-webb-space-telescope-dusty-ribbons-young-stars-neighbor-galaxy

VIDEO: Danielle Kirshenblat (STScI)
MUSIC: High Street Music
SCIENCE: NASA, ESA, CSA, Olivia C. Jones (UK ATC), Guido De Marchi (ESTEC), Margaret Meixner (USRA)
IMAGE PROCESSING: Alyssa Pagan (STScI), Nolan Habel (USRA), Laura Lenkić (USRA), Laurie E. U. Chu (NASA Ames)

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